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COVID update: Our school is open again, with safety measures in place. Welding booths each have their own air filtration, curtain, and are separated by partitions. The classroom is set up for social distancing with chairs more than 6 feet apart. Surfaces are disinfected between classes and masks are required. PPE is available if needed.


For those times when you find yourself in need of capable trained welders, Haun can help. We provide a wide array of welding training classes. They range from those listed below to courses specifically tailored to suit your needs. Call us. We can help.


Free Training Friday

The last Friday of each month we will hold a free training session in our training department. These sessions will take place from 9am to 11am in our Syracuse branch. See calendar for the schedule. We will feature a different skill each month. Click here to register.


The Basic Welding Course

32 hour class designed for the beginner covering Oxy/Fuel torch safety and handling along with Stick welding safety procedures and electrode selection. Click here for registration form.

Intermediate Welding Course
32 hour class designed for the welder with some experience, the intermediate course offers Stick and Mig welding with concentration on equipment set up,out of position welding,arc manipulation,and gas selection. Click here for registration form.

Advanced Welding Course 
32 hour class designed for the experienced welder, the Advanced course covers MIG and TIG including steel,stainless,and aluminum welding with equipment and gas selection. Click here for registration form.

Night School
12 hour class. Class sizes are limited to 6 participants per class. Classes meet the same night for 4 consecutive weeks. Class hours are 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Classes offered are Introductory to Welding and Advanced TIG Aluminum. Click here for registration form.

Custom Welding Course

Custom designed welding classes for your company or personal needs. These are in depth courses totaling 32 hours of classroom and shop/lab combination. Space is limited so sign up early. For courses in Syracuse call Cal at 315-463-5241 or click here to email.


Watertown Courses

Our Basic Welding Course and Advanced Aluminum Welding Course are offered in our Watertown location. Click here for registration form. Please call 315-785-5438 for details or click here to email Watertown