Rentals Available from All Haun Welding Supply Locations

Ken Haun with 1960s Generator


Welders have come a long way. The photo to the right is Ken Haun (second generation) with a rental generator that used power welders to build Syracuse University's Manley Field House in the early 1960s.


It doesn’t always make sense to own all the equipment you need for every job all the time. When those occasions happen we welcome you to use our rental department. We have daily, weekly and monthly rates for all the equipment listed below. If you don’t see what you need, call us and we can help. We strive to make your job easier.


Below is a partial list of rental equipment available at any Haun location. Haun features welders from Lincoln Electric to Miller Electric and more.


Call the Haun location nearest you for pricing and availability.


Rental EquipmentGas Drive Welders

225 Amp Air Cooled 

250 Amp Air Cooled 

250 Amp Water Cooled 

300 Amp Water Cooled 

400 Amp Water Cooled 

600 Amp Water Cooled 

250 Amp Diesel 

400 Amp Diesel 

2 Wheel Trailer 

4 Wheel Trailer 

Stick Welders 3 Phase

250 Amp V-250S 

300 Amp R3R-300 

400 Amp R3R-400 

Miller Mark VIII 

Stick Welders Single Phase

100 Amp V100-S 

250 Amp AC/DC 


Mig Welders

SP-125, SP-170

Powermig 255

250 - 400 Amp CV Power Source

Wire Feeders and MIG Accessories

LN-7, LN-25 Wire Feeder 

Spool Gun with Control Box 


Mig Gun

Cobramatic Cabinet & Gun 

Tig Welders

175 Amp Power Source 

275 Amp Power Source 

355 Amp Squarewave 

Water Circulator 

TIG Torch 

Welding Cable - w/ holder or ground clamp

#1 or 1/0 

2/0 or 4/0 

Power Generator - gas driven, air cooled

8000 watt 

9000 watt 

Oxy/Acetylene Equipment

Cylinder Cart 

High Pressure Regulator 

Low Pressure Regulator 

Torch w/ Handle 

Straight Line Cutting System 

Stud Welders 

Capacitor Discharge Power Source - 5/16’ capacity 

Nelson 4000 - 1/2' capacity 

Fume Extractors Straight Line Cutting Machine Balloon Fillers Power Tools

Magnetic Drill Press

Plasma Cutters 

Thermal Dynamics 38XL 

Hypertherm PowerMax 900 

Hypertherm PowerMax 1100 

Hypertherm Max 80, 100 

Thermal Dynamics Drag-Gun - w/built-in air source 

Thermal Dynamics 75XL



Contact your nearest Haun location with any questions or for additional information.