The following are upcoming events. All training classes take place at our Syracuse location, unless otherwise noted. For custom training options or more details on what we offer, click here.


Forging class

November 21, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Haun Welding Forging Classes Taught by "Forged in Fire" Champion Page Steinhardt

Introduction to the Forged Blade

In this 4 hour class students forge a basic "Squirrel tail" style blacksmith knife from 1084
steel, grind a quick edge bevel, heat treat, and leave with a knife that
can be sharpened into a practical cutting tool that will last a lifetime

Students learn basic forging concepts like hammer control, moving mass
to create form, drawing a taper out, creating a curl over the edge of
the anvil, creating simple and distal tapers, hardening, tempering, and
rudimentary metallurgy concepts.

Cost - $150


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